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Scholarship Program

“Helping college students financially through such scholarships not only gives them some individual support, but we also convey to them a sense that we’re all in this world together, that’s the essence of democracy. By encouraging them to study our common problems and challenges, we can help them come to understand that only through our shared endeavors can we achieve our common aspirations.” - Cabell Brand

The purpose of the Cabell BrandCenter scholarship program is not only to help students with the rising tuition costs, but to encourage college students to seriously consider public service. Over the past 27 years, the Center has proudly supported over 500 students in pursuing volunteer and educational opportunities. 


The Cabell Brand Center offers college scholarships for students interested in taking courses and volunteering in programs - "To Promote the Common Good" - relevant to any of the three goals of the Cabell Brand Center:


• Poverty issues focus on helping people become self-reliant.

• Environment issues focus on sustainability with particular emphasis on water and energy resources.

• Peace issues focusing on conflict resolution of local or global disputes.


Scholarships will be awarded in an amount typically between $1000 and $2500 with the possibility of more in some years depending on funding. The number of awards offered each year will depend on the quality of applications as well as availability of funds. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis.


The 2014 Scholarship Award Contest is now closed for 2014. Check out our winners!


Please download the Application Instructions and the required Cover Page.


Below are the biographies and stories of those honored by The Cabell Brand Center scholarships:



I used the [Cabell Brand Center] award money towards a poverty internship in Ntagatcha, Tanzania at the Teamwork City of Hope. Because of your generosity, I was able to acquire an amazing life experience. 


- Johanna Cho, Washington & Lee



My dissertation research includes collecting weather data from different locations across the City of Roanoke. The Cabell Brand Center Scholarship was extremely beneficial to my research as it was used to help install and maintain fixed weather stations located in eleven Roanoke City Public Schools. These weather stations are also being used by the RCPS Schools in lesson plans and to meet Virginia Standards of Learning in weather related subjects.​

- Tammy Parece,  Virginia Tech
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