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Mr. E. Cabell Brand

Mr. Cabell Brand was the founder of The Cabell Brand Center and served as daily inspiration to take action in making the world a better place until his passing in early 2015. As a successful business man, Cabell dedicated his life to ensuring equal access to the same education and career opportunities that he was lucky to have. He authored the book "If Not Me, Then Who? How you can help with Poverty, Economic Opportunity, Education, Healthcare, Environment, Racial Justice, and Peace Issues in America." Mr. Brand and his late wife Shirley were long-standing, well-respected members of the community in the Roanoke Valley.


Cabell Brand's bio is available here.  Support the Center's Cabell Brand Legacy Fund to perpetuate his life's work.

In 2013, local and national leaders came together to honor the life and legacy of Mr. Cabell Brand for his 90th birthday. This is a video compilation of their testimonials on how our founder's life has contributed to the betterment of others. 
Mr. Brand is the proud author of the book "If Not Me, Then Who" which was published as a call to action for young people to make a difference in their community and beyond. All proceeds from the book go directly to the Cabell Brand Center.
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