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In the Spotlight: Carry a Country with Taaluma Totes

Making money and making a difference aren’t mutually exclusive, although it often seems that way in the world of business. The Cabell Brand Center strives to recognize and appreciate businesses in our region which make a point of “promoting the common good” by choosing responsible business practices.

Taaluma Totes is one such company making a difference around the world - and doing it with style! This Virginia-based company was founded by two Virginia Tech alumni after traveling abroad and falling in love with fabric. Not just any fabric though, traditionally made fabrics that represent the communities and cultures that made them. How could they share these beautiful crafts with the world? How could the world give back to these communities? Jack and Alley dreamed of connecting small communities with a worldwide market through sustainably sourced tote bags - and Taaluma Totes was born! Listen to them tell the whole story in this video.

Taaluma Totes started carrying bags from only three countries: Ghana, Indonesia, and Uganda. Now, they also work with India, Guatemala, the Ivory Coast, Thailand, Mali, Rwanda, Kenya and Vietnam! The backpacks are hand made right here in the USA and even feature sections of reused burlap coffee bags. Learn more about how Taaluma Totes are made.

Taaluma Totes not only creates gorgeous sustainably sourced backpacks, jobs for American seamstresses and a consistent source of income for textile-makers in international communities, but they also give a portion of the profits from each bag back to the country where the fabric was made. Through their partnership with Kiva, Taaluma Totes distributes micro loans to help community members in any number of ways.

When Jack and Alley say “when you carry a Taaluma Tote, you carry a country” they really mean it!

Which country will you carry? Each bag is limited edition, high-quality construction and exceptionally stylish. Get one, give one, and gab about it!

You can follow Taaluma Totes on Facebook and Instagram with #carryacountry or check out their website for more ways to connect.

Taaluma family, the Cabell Brand Center salutes you!

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