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2013 CBC Scholarship Winners Announced

The Cabell Brand Center for Global Poverty and Resource Sustainability Studies

P.O. Box 429, Salem, VA 24153-3513


Tamim Younos, President of the Cabell Brand Center and Cabell Brand, Chairman, are happy to announce the 2013 winners for the Cabell Brand Center's Scholarship Awards. The significance of these scholarships is not just the money, but the commitment the students have made to spend part of their life, in the late Dr. Charles “Hap” Fisher’s words “working towards the common good”. This year we were able to give $11,000 to 6 students who have made just such a commitment. The future of the country soon will pass into the hands of our young people. Their success and our common destiny will depend upon how well-prepared they are to assume the responsibilities before them. This scholarship program encourages young people to accept the challenges of diminishing poverty, promoting the environment, and advancing peace and justice. The Cabell Brand Center for Global Poverty and Resource Sustainability Studies is a non-profit organization founded in 1987, and has been giving fellowships and scholarships for 25 years.

First Place Winner for the $5000 Glenna and Jack Burress Scholarship

by The Cabell Brand Center

To Promote the Common Good is:

Cadet Thomas C. Irvine of Lexington, VA

of Virginia Military Institute

Second Place Winner for the $2000 Dr. Charles "Hap" Fisher Scholarship

by The Cabell Brand Center

To Promote the Common Good is:

Cadet Michelle C. McCusker of Baltimore, MD

of Virginia Military Institute

This scholarship program was funded by generous donations of the Burress Family, the late Dr. Charles "Hap" Fisher, Shelia and Ken Garren, Debby & Harlan Beckley, Freedom First Credit Union and from the proceeds from the sale of Cabell Brand's book "If not me, Then Who?" and other contributions to our Center. Our center has been able to help young people advance both their education and dedication to public spiritedness,” said Cabell Brand, chairman of the center. “We hope to continue the legacy of Hap, who kept giving back to society until his death in 2011 at age 104.”

Student applications were required to write an essay on what they planned to do with their studies and life "For the Common Good." A complete listing of all the winners and their awards are listed is below.

“Helping college students financially through such scholarships not only gives them some individual support, but we also convey to them a sense that we’re all in this world together,” Brand said. “That’s the essence of democracy. By encouraging them to study our common problems and challenges, we can help them come to understand that only through our shared endeavors can we achieve our common aspirations.” - Cabell Brand

  • 1st Place Glenna and Jack Burress $5000: Cadet Thomas C. Irvine of VMI

  • 2nd Place Dr. Charles "Hap" Fisher $2000: Michelle C. McCusker of VMI

  • Freedom First Credit Union $1000: Tammy E. Parece of Virginia Tech

  • Harlan and Debby Beckley$1000: Beth J. Kennedy of Washington & Lee

  • Shirley Hurt Brand $1000: Rachael E. Brown of Berea College

  • Sheila and Ken Garren $1000: Ellyn T. Kirtley of Washington & Lee

The goals of center focus on Poverty, Environment, and Peace; One, poverty issues focus on helping people beself-reliant, Two, environment issues focus on sustainability with particular emphasis on fresh water resources,Three, peace issues favor conflict resolution of all disputes, global, and local.

Mission Statement: The center will strive to eliminate global poverty and attain world peace by enhancing the quality of human lifethrough excellence in research and education, technological innovation, and more widespread economicproductivity. The center will focus especially on the sustainability of water resources and renewable energy atthe local level.

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