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CBC & FAIM: Healing the Body with Autologous Adult Stem Cells

"Berkley Bedell has been one of my life's best friends. He built one of the largest fishing tack companies in the world the went on to join the US Congress for many years and founded the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine which he asked me to be one of the founding directors. We have maintained a close relationship over the years. Below is a summary of the foundation and its goals, as well as, information on treatment that is curing Cancer, Parkinson's, MS and many other diseases and issues by using our own stem cells rendered from our own fat. The sad thing is that these treatments are not currently allowed in the US due to FDA rules. We need to write our representatives and tell them that we need these treatments here in the US now." - Cabell Brand

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) identifies effective alternative therapies using a four-pronged systematic approach:

Site Visits

FAIM makes site visits and screens clinical practices and protocols brought to our attention from all around the world to determine the level of supporting evidence and assess the feasibility of pursuing further research.


FAIM attends conferences around the world to pursue its search for effective, non-toxic, and low-cost alternative therapies. Conferences also offer the opportunity to network with brilliant, inventive minds and connect scientists/physicians/practitioners with common goals and interests.

Retrospective Studies and Clinical Trials

FAIM conducts retrospective reviews of the medical records to determine if the treatment or protocol merits further evaluation. FAIM creates cooperative relationships with other research facilities or awards grants for clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of targeted promising therapies.

Networking to Integrate New Therapies into Practice

Upon determination of efficacy and safety, FAIM shares the therapies with hospitals and clinics around the world for integration into the health care system. FAIM reports all findings on the website and participates in conferences to further disseminate information.

FAIM's mission is to create a revolution in worldwide healthcare through the following means:


Search the world for effective, nontoxic, and low-cost alternative medical therapies


Conduct retrospective studies and partnership with medical facilities, foundations, hospitals, and universities for the development of clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of a therapy.


Disseminate information on new frontiers in science and medicine and encourage adoption of cost effective therapies through global networking, conferences, publishing books, and internet web site postings.

Healing the Body with Autologous Adult Stem Cells

One FAIM project involves the revolutionary practice of using the body’s own healing system, autologous adult stem cells. It seems that about every one hundred years there is a new medical paradigm shift that changes the way we look at healthcare. Two hundred years ago Edward Jenner had a flash of insight that milkmaids seemed to be immune from small pox. He realized they had all had cowpox and deduced that the immunity carried over to small pox. It was the beginning of the theory of vaccines. This was a big step 200 years ago. Then one hundred years ago Dr. Flemming discovered penicillin which has also created a huge shift in medicine. Today the discovery of the body’s own regenerative organ system- autologous adult stem cells is struggling to get the credibility it deserves. It is the most incredible discovery of the century, yet the FDA is keeping it from the American public by placing it wrongfully within its jurisdiction. Imagine if the system, one hundred years ago, had deprived the public of antibiotics!

Research has shown when there is any type of cell injury or cell death, cytokines are poured into the blood stream to the bone marrow. These cytokines stimulate the bone marrow to produce stem cells and release them back into the blood stream. The cytokines at the site of injury behave as homing devices and in this manner the autologous adult stem cells find the target tissue needing repair or regeneration. Autologous adult stem cells give off their own cytokines which stimulate healing as well as having the capacity to become regenerative cells, as needed. It is an incredibly intricate system that we have just discovered in the last ten years.

However, sometimes the body needs more stem cells for repair than the body is capable of delivering. This is when disease or failure to heal results. Doctors and institutions have developed guidelines and protocols for the multiplication of harvested autologous adult stem cells. These therapies have been used in veterinary medicine for at least eight years and for humans in clinics around the world. France, Spain, Israel, Germany, China, Mexico and Panama all allow autologous adult stem cell procedures and all are higher than the United States on the WHO Health Performance ranking.

The Legislature, upon creating the FDA and throughout history, has reconfirmed regularly that the FDA cannot regulate the Practice of Medicine. The FDA only has jurisdiction over practices which threaten the public at large. This is done to allow “physician innovation” to move medicine into the future in a timely fashion. The State Medical Boards are put into place to make sure that physician innovation does not become a danger to the patients in their states. Physician innovation has propelled many life saving medical practices into the mainstream practice of medicine very quickly, sparing patients from suffering.

We are at a cross road today with the use of autologous adult stem cells. Using your own stem cells is definitely a procedure that is between the doctor and the patient making it the Practice of Medicine. Even when the patient’s stem cells are multiplied to assure a more successful procedure, it is still only between the patient and the doctor. No other people (especially the public masses) are threatened by this procedure. It is the job of the State Medical Board to enforce clinic and laboratory guidelines to insure safety for the patient.

There are millions of people who could benefit by having access to this medical option. It is not only our moral obligation to embrace this for the sake of the suffering millions, but also for the sake of trying to salvage a healthcare system that is in the throes of financial collapse. We are at the 100 year mark of medical miracles and we must realize this and ensure it becomes reality here in the United States. The amount of money that can be saved by using our own healing organ system (autologous stem cells) to heal is staggering compared to the cost of treatments that are available through the current medical system. We are being offered a light to lead us out of this dark place and we must not let special interest groups, big money, and regulators with questionable motives blow out the light.

Sadly, the healthcare system in the US is broken and that is evidenced by the tremendous dollars spent, yet our citizen’s overall level of health is ranked 72nd worldwide according to WHO. Making changes in the healthcare system is going to have to be a priority. We have an opportunity to recognize this, embrace the discovery of this self-healing system and make it available to the patient. There are only benefits with this relatively safe and effective approach. This 100 year paradigm shift in medicine, with the discovery of this innate healing system, must be given the opportunity to flourish here in the United States for the benefit of those in need.

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