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The summit will bring together experts, advocates, and leaders on issues facing transportation, mobility, land use, the environment, and more.  Transportation affects all aspects of our daily lives - from how we get to work, how we interact with our community, and how we get goods and services.  The Sustainable Transportation Summit will discuss the ways in which planning for and implementing transportation options helps more people get more places and do more things in their communities.


This year's summit will focus on themes of data and demographics.  We will look at the demographic future of The Roanoke Valley, what local and national demographic trends are telling us about future transportation needs, and the ways in which communities have collected and used data to prepare themselves for the future.  Speakers will include representatives from Roanoke's Refugee Resettlement Program and Arlington County, Virginia's Mobility Lab, a national think-tank and research program focused on transportation and mobility issues.

2nd Annual Sustainable Transportation Summit 

Co-sponsored by RIDE Solutions and The Cabell Brand Center. 


Event Location: Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute Roanoke, Virginia 

2 Riverside Circle
Roanoke, VA 24016


Event Date: March 24, 2015  8:00am


Questions? Email Jeremy Holmes, Program Director of RIDE Solutions at



Registration is $25 and includes a coffee and lunch. Click the REGISTER button below!

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